A Sicilian Romance (Reader’s Edition)

A Sicilian Romance (Reader's Edition)

Strange moans and mysterious lights haunt the south wing of the Mazzini castle where Julia, the beautiful younger daughter of the Marquis de Mazzini, lives. The terrors of the unknown fade to insignificance when Julia's father orders her to marry the cruel Duke de Luovo. Julia flees the castle and is propelled into a series of adventures that eventually lead her back to the castle, where she discovers an unspeakable crime.

This edition has been copyedited in accordance with current American practice in respect to punctuation. In some places words and phrases have been reordered — and in a very few cases altered or deleted — to improve ease of comprehension. The interspersed poems have been removed. 278 pages; 67,000 words. Includes map.

Trade paperback, 278 pages. Includes map.

E-book, 67,000 words. Includes map.