Ick! I hate spiders

What have spiders ever done to you, besides gettin in ur howz and eatin ur insekz?

A trickster-hero in western African folk tales. The stories are believed to have originated in Ghana with the Ashanti people. A collection of Anansi stories recorded in 1920s Jamaica are online at The Internet Sacred Text Archive.
After Arachne matched the goddess Minerva in a weaving contest, Minerva ripped up Arachne’s work and beat the crap out of her. Mortified, Arachne killed herself. Minerva took pity on no-longer-a-rival Arachne and brought her back to life as a spider. What a kind goddess!
Wouldn’t you like the words Some Pig written in a web above your bed?
Miss Spider
I’ve been in a (spiderless) cave the last ten years; how else could I not have known of the Miss Spider empire? And what ever became of her bridegroom?
Let’s blame Tolkien for spiders’ fearsome reputation.
Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Dog, Spider- . . .
No explanation required, I hope.